# Week 13: Moving forward

Take some time to breathe and debrief your program participation with your mentor. Reflect on the evolution of your project in these 13 weeks, and think of possible next steps. Start drafting your demo for the public call.

Goal of the week: Reflect on your program experience and prepare for final demo call.


  • Complete the final feedback survey
  • Send us a short paragraph (really short!) with basic description of your project and your best link for promotion in our social networks
  • Prepare your demo!

Demo instructions

  • Any format you like, be creative 😃
  • Max 10'
  • It's for general public: avoid jargon and sell your project!
  • Share one learning you got from the program
Tools Use it for Examples & tutorials
Constructive feedback Helping people improve and not feel like crap Giving Constructive Feedback
5-whys technique Understand the root causes of things happening in a way we didn’t expect/we were not aiming to 5Whys video

How to Conduct a 5-Why - Titanic Example