# Week 13: Moving forward

Take some time to breathe and debrief your Sprint participation with your mentor. How did you feel about contributions, engaging newcomers and your project overall? In the context of your whole program experience, would you do anything differently, do you have suggestions for us? Looking forward, which actions do you envision in the near future for your project? Can your mentor help you connecting to any particular communities?

Goal of the week: Reflect on your program experience and draft possible future actions.


  • Debrief the global sprint event
    • How many contributions and new contributors did you gain during the sprint?
    • What went well and why?
    • What did not work out as you thought? Do you know why?
    • What was your personal challenge during the global sprint
  • Provide feedback for the program next rounds
  • Take note of three next steps you’d like to take with your project
Tools Use it for Examples & tutorials
Constructive feedback Helping people improve and not feel like crap Giving Constructive Feedback
5-whys technique Understand the root causes of things happening in a way we didn’t expect/we were not aiming to 5Whys video

How to Conduct a 5-Why - Titanic Example