# Week 12: Active community building

Community building is a time-consuming process that demands building and keeping your online presence updated, generating content and fostering good interpersonal interactions. Depending on the nature of your project, your community building strategy may vary. E.g., a project related to 3D printing will find a lot of discussions and potential users/contributors on thingiverse.com. So having a profile there is almost a must.

By this week you have enough work and documentation to expose your work outside of your close circles. It is time to spread the word and actively share your projects to individuals, groups, communities and organizations that can contribute in some way to your project growth.

Goal of the week: Expose actively your work to individuals and groups that could contribute to your project


  • Search for available platforms, groups or communities that are related to your project.
  • Expose your work there, for instance by creating a page/profile for your project on platforms like wikifactory or hackaday.
  • Identify people in these platforms and communities that can be interested in your project directly and introduce them to your project.

Need help or want to discuss your online presence further? Join us everyday this week (4-8 May), 5pm UTC, in this link.

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