# Week 12: Global sprint

Now it's the time to go crazy with your project. In the last weeks you worked a lot on defining your project and opening it up for possible contributors. During the global sprint you will attract contributors to your project from a diversity of open hardware communities to collaboratively work on open tasks. Use the momentum of the community to advance your project.

Goal of the week: Networking, spreading the word and empathizing with potential community members and peers.

Goal as a contributor: Try to find minimum contribution you can make to another mentee’s project based on your skills, or consider working on something new to learn new skills.


  • Be available for your contributors’ questions and interactions
  • Share your experience and progress in real time on chat and social media
  • Try to contribute in at least one issue of another project
Tools Use it for Examples & tutorials
Riot.im, gitter.im, Real time communication platform for contributors
Twittimer Automate social media posts for free How Do I Schedule Tweets and Facebook Posts