# Week 10: Licensing and documentation

# Documentation

⏬ You can also download the video here

⏬ Find the slides here

# Licensing

⏬ You can also download the video here

⏬ Find the slides here

Goal of the week: Acquire best practices for hardware documentation and understand the different open licensing options available.



  • Choose a license or several licenses depending on the types of content you are providing.

Use the tools that we mentioned in the slides whenever licensing is not clear, and ask questions in the community chat.


  • Update your documentation so that it complies with the open source hardware checklist and the open-O-source meter.
  • Optional: Follow the guidelines provided in the divio documentation website and apply it to your context.
  • Ask questions in the chat so that we can help you out.
Tools Use it for Examples & tutorials
Open licenses Make explicit how to reuse your work https://choosealicense.com/
Open hardware licenses Review of specific licenses for hardware A Survey of Open Processor Core Licensing (see pages 3,4,5 for summary)
Documentation checklist for hardware Review the best practices for hardware docs Measuring Openness in Open Source Hardware with the Open-o-Meter

Static site generators for projects and documentation A quick way to have your docs controlled and communicated https://www.mkdocs.org/

Open Know-How Increase the findability of your repo Open Know-how