# Week 7: Designing for community and project sustainability

⏬ You can also download the video here

⏬ Find the slides here “What makes open projects open-source is not the platform they use, but the way participation is designed”. During this week you are going to learn how to help others reach out to you, find your project & interact with it, plus strategies other projects use for keeping community, and therefore projects, active.

Goals of the week: Understand different experiences in open source governance and management models


  • Watch this week’s video
  • See at least one of the videos we have compiled for you in the slides
  • Share your insights, reflections and questions in this issue

Tools Use it for Examples & tutorials
Community events In person interactions advance projects much faster and make the community stronger Open Leadership Training Series : Running Awesome Events
Website, newsletters, chats, community calls, shared calendars and more Help others discover, share, and contribute to your project - Open Leadership Training Series : Communication Channels

- How to run a community call in 11 easy steps

- Software Outreach from Public Lab
Maintenance plan Draft the main concepts required for sustaining your project Open Leadership Training Series : Open Project Maintenance