# Week 6: Building for open

⏬ You can also download the video here

⏬ Find the slides here Your project grows when more and more diverse people jump in and contribute to it. This week you will go through a set of principles, values and concrete tools that will help you lower access barriers for your users and contributors, besides designing strategies for ensuring a welcoming space for everyone.

Goal of the week: Create entry points for contributors and users. Write guidelines and templates to make using and contributing to your product/project easier.


  • Write your contribution guidelines and share the draft online to get feedback from organizers, mentors and people in the community.
  • Who is participating and who is not in your project? Think of strategies for engaging and including wider audiences, and define your community guidelines (or code of conduct).
  • Create/Reuse markdown templates for contributors to make feature requests, propose ideas, file pull requests etc.
  • If it makes sense for your current stage, make a draft of a start guide for the users of your product.
  • If there are areas that you need help with outside your core team, open an issue labelled with "help wanted" and specify the issue (e. g. logo design, website design and development, feedback on specific assumptions or hypothesis, proofreading, translations)
  • If you want to attract new contributors, consider creating a "first timer only" issue to keep the entry level low.

Basic reference for opening up your project: What nobody tells you about documentation

Tools Use it for Examples & tutorials
A template for creating open source contributor guidelines Inspire yourself to write the nuts and bolts instructions on how to contribute to your project Mozilla Open Leaders about how to write contribution guidelines
Code of Conduct Create a welcoming environment for users and contributors. Inspire yourself on different kinds of community guidelines and codes of conduct.

Mozilla guide

🎈 Public Lab: Conduct

Open Hardware Leaders
Issues for feature requests Allowing users and contributors make feature requests Issue tracking: what types of issue for what (ie, Task, New feature)?
1st timers issues Help onboarding new contributors to your project Create a welcoming "first-timers-only" issue to invite new software contributors