# Week 4: Peer review

With the help of your mentor, during the first weeks of the program you have reflected and written down your project’s core value proposition, identified your main assumptions and designed ways to test them. You have also addressed two main aspects of open hardware projects: What are other people doing to solve this same problem and what can I learn from them? Who are my users and contributors?

In this first cohort call you will share this work with your peer mentees. Through different exercises you will get a fresh, external look on what you’ve been doing, which will give you useful insight for the next weeks.

Goal of the week: Expose your work to fellow mentees and get useful feedback to continue working on your project.


  • Prepare a max 5’ pitch based on your canvas, get feedback on your assumptions. Your pitch must include your value proposition, personas, pathways, identified assumptions and proposed tests.
Tools Use it for Examples & tutorials
Pitch Communicate your ideas to others in a short, effective way. How to Present Your Ideas Clearly - A 3 Step Process Effectively Communicate Complex Information: 4 Simple Steps