# Week 2: Personas & pathways

One of the most important aspects in open source hardware projects is understanding who your contributors and users will be. Learn how to bring contributors onto your project by using tools called "personas" and "pathways." These tools will help you plan and test how you'll interact with new contributors, and imagine what is really involved for the contributor to succeed.

# Goal of the week:

  • Profile and identify the kinds of people that will use and/or contribute in your project


  • Create a persona and pathway for your project, or more if necessary
  • Update your project repository with a good README file, example: https://github.com/vektorious/light
  • If you have new hypothesis and ideas on user and contributor profiles update your canvas. What would you do to validate these ideas, what experiments would you design?
Tools Use it for Examples & tutorials
Personas & Pathways Use it to capture key assumptions related to the contributor/user your project is aiming for
Value Proposition Canvas Idea generation, understanding how your project solves problem to certain groups including users and contributors. Value Proposition
Open Canvas Use it in combination with the value proposition canvas to capture assumptions about resources, and channels. Business model canvas