# Week 1: Scope and stage your project

⏬ You can also download the video here

⏬ Find the slides here

Meet this week with your mentor! ☝ Check the video and review the value proposition you drafted. Start scoping your project goals, as well as your goals for this program. Your mentor should get a general idea about the status and stage of the project, if you have a prototype or a product, if the project has a user base, among other things. This week you will define more thourougly the assumptions and hypotheses underlying your project.

# Goal of the week:

  • Define your value proposition clearly and start identifying your core hypotheses and assumptions, and status regarding validations


  • Fill in the canvas the best you can try to be specific and concrete
  • Identify which aspects (technical and non-technical) in your project need further development and which have been sufficiently validated


Tools Use it for Examples & tutorials
Value Proposition Canvas Idea generation, understanding how your project solves problem to certain groups including users and contributors. Value Proposition
Open Canvas Use it in combination with the value proposition canvas to capture assumptions about resources, and channels. Business model canvas


Resources, example videos and reads: