# Program content

This training series is designed to grow along with your project – from project set-up through maintenance. While you might complete the reading/learning part of this training over the course of a few days, some of the assignments – such as convening a community event – may take much longer to complete.

It’s important to do the modules in order because the assignments build on each other – for example, you’ll want to complete the module β€œbuild for open” before you jump into the β€œdesign community” because the first module will help you prepare your project so that it is welcoming for contributors, so that you can grow a community.

We use the Open Source Canvas as a primary tool for participants to analyse and assess their progress along the program. We consider it is a useful tool to understand how your project can bring value to a community and what it is needed to be done to make it even more interesting and valuable.

Although in its origin the canvas was a business tool, its step-by-step logic demands you to make your assumptions explicit, which is a requirement to later test them. This is a core concept in this program: you will analyze your project in terms of which assumptions you are making (technical, about resources, about contributors and community, and more) and how to test them in order to design a solid proposal.