# Participation and eligibility

There are three main roles in Open Hardware Leaders program:

# Open Hardware Leader (mentee)

Open Hardware Leaders design and build open hardware projects that empower others to collaborate within inclusive communities.

An Open Hardware Leader is a person or a team which is running or starting an open hardware project.

Over the course of this program, they will:

  • Receive ongoing 1:1 project help from mentors
  • Have access to a community of experts and a pool of educational resources
  • Learn about best practices for design, testing and production, tools for collaboration, communication and community building
  • Interact with diverse open hardware communities worldwide
  • Get practical experience empowering others to collaborate on their project by bringing their project to a global sprint (remotely)

# Eligibility Criteria

  • Passionate and ready to learn and apply open hardware practices to your project or community, supporting the global open hardware movement.
  • Available to commit at least 2h/week for 14 weeks for attending weekly online meetings and completing open leadership assignments.

# Expectations

  • Attend online calls with a mentor through this program every week (30 min) and a cohort call every three weeks (45 min). If an Open Hardware Leader misses two weeks in a row we’ll evaluate continued participation.
  • Complete assignments and assessments from the Open Leadership Framework and Open Leadership Training Series
  • Demonstrate practical experience working open at a global sprint event (remote)

# Duration & Commitment

  • 2h/week for 14 weeks (February-April 2020, see the full schedule)

# Mentor

# Description

Mentors support new leaders as they practice working open and facilitating connections within the network.

A Mentor is someone who has:

  • completed Open Leadership Training with Mozilla or has shown relevant experience
  • demonstrated an understanding and ability to work openly

Mentors will provide support and guidance to their assigned project leads as they go through open leadership training and learn to work openly on their projects.

Mentors will gain valuable coaching skills and connections across Mozilla and the open source community.

# Expectations

  • Continue to model open leadership in your communities and projects.
  • Attend an optional mentor training (online) before the program starts. If you would like additional support, we provide 1:1 support throughout the program.
  • Select 1-2 projects to mentor during the review process.
  • Be available at the same time every week for the meetings.
  • Meet with each of your assigned projects for 30 minutes every week. Connect your mentees to others by inviting Experts or other Mentors to join these calls. If you have to miss a week, please arrange for an Expert to join in your place.
  • Complete assessment forms on your mentee and update the meeting tracking sheet so we can best support you throughout the program.

# Duration & Commitment:

  • max. 40 min/week for 14 weeks
  • This position will add at least one meeting a week (30 min) to your schedule. It can be hard to predict specific hours a week, but the Open Leaders Hardware organizers along with the rest of the mentors are here to help and support you.

# Expert

# Description

Experts support new leaders with domain-specific knowledge as they practice working open and facilitating connections within the network.

During the program (February - April 2020), any of the mentors or organizers may contact you by email to invite you to share your expertise on a 30-45 min online meeting with a participant in the program to talk about their specific project.

# Duration & Commitment

  • Estimated time: 1 meeting over 14 weeks (you can do more if you want to if agreed)