# Schedule

Week Dates Call type Topic Rough Agenda
0 3-7 Feb Preparation (online 1h) Learn the Basics + Self-assessment Learn about the building blocks we'll use during the program

Complete a self-assessment
1 10-14 Feb Mentor (30 min) Scope and stage your project Get to know each other, review the value proposition you drafted and start thinking about your project goals
2 17-21 Feb Mentor (30 min) Personas & Pathways Learn how to bring contributors onto your project by using tools called "personas" and "pathways."
3 24-28 Feb Mentor (30 min) Start testing and validating your ideas Formulate ideas and concrete tests that will help you make decisions for advancing your project.
4 2-6 Mar Cohort (45 min) Peer review Present your advances to fellow participants & get feedback.
5 9-13 Mar Mentor (30 min) Building your project Once you have scoped your project, commit to a set of features.
6 16-20 Mar Mentor (30 min) Building for open Lowering barriers for contribution: Who is and who is not participating in your project?
Pause 23-27 Mar We take a week to adjust and rest during the COVID-19 outbreak
7 30-3 Aprr Mentor (30 min) Designing for project sustainability Learn how to help others find & interact with your project, and keeping it active
8 6-10 Apr Cohort (45 min) Peer review Present your advances to fellow participants & get feedback
9 13-17 Apr Mentor (30 min) Roadmapping Managing release cycles and short-mid-long term goals
10 20-24 Apr Mentor (30 min) Licensing and Documentation Acquire best practices for documentation and understand the different open licensing options available
11 27-1 May Mentor (30 min) Running open events Learn how to plan events to boost your project goals, in an open way
12 4-8 May Cohort (45 min) Community building Practice how to actively shape your presence and community, online and offline
13 11-15 May Mentor (30 min) Moving forward Reflect on your program participation and your journey ahead
14 18-22 May Public call Final Demos Celebrate and communicate your project to the world!