# Open Hardware Leaders, what happens next

After the graduation of the first cohort and 14 weeks of collaborative work, the organization team has decided to split ways. The differences in our vision are too significant, taking us into this joint decision after much effort on working them out.

OHL was initially an idea and an effort of four people (plus all the volunteering mentors!), and in the spirit of collaboration and openness, we understand no one owns it. So we propose the experience of OHL stays online and open as a pilot project, a repository available for anyone to fork.

The organizers continue working on their different ideas for future hardware programs: "Open Hardware Devs" -led by Jose Urra- and "Open Hardware Makers" -led by Andre Chagas, Alex Kutschera and Juli Arancio-.

# New programs

# Agreements

  • We share common openness goals and values. But we also have important differences in how this is achieved and implemented. This is one of the main reasons why we have decided to split the current OHL program into two different ones.

  • For the sake of transparency the discussions that led to the split will be made public, together with the organization repository, which has valuable lessons for anyone aiming to run a program like this one.

  • Both parties should be able to achieve their goals without blocking the other in achieving their goals.

  • Jose will carry on a second cohort in 2020 or 2021, keeping the same program approach with adjustments based on the feedback from the first cohort given by mentors and mentees.

  • Alex, Julieta and Andre will engage in a community consultation process, funded by Mozilla, aimed at getting input for a more diverse, representative curriculum to be made openly accessible, which will be the basis of a future program.

  • OHL is not owned by any of the organizers, the new programs shouldn’t profit from previous ‘branding’ as it would create unequal starting points: both new programs should be renamed.